Stacey Dohman, MS, RDN
Owner, Berries & Oats

Family at Illini game

My interest in food and nutrition began during my career as a young tennis player. I grew up in Chicago and learned to play, from my dad at the age of four. I enjoyed the commitment and dedication necessary to be successful in my sport and realized that nutrition before, during and after competition played a big part in performance. I wondered what foods would properly fuel my body, give me the energy I needed, help me recover and help me compete at the highest levels.

After graduating from high school (1993), I accepted an athletic scholarship from Western Illinois University. This is where I pursued programs in the field of nutrition and family and consumer sciences. How nutrition plays a role in optimal performance led me towards an undergraduate degree in Nutrition, as well as a graduate degree in Nutrition with an emphasis in Sports Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University (1999).

How food influences “health” has always intrigued me. Initially, my interest in this area was for personal performance, but over time and now having a family, it has developed into a passion for helping other families introduce more whole foods to their meals.

I am currently working as a corporate dietitian focused on support services for a large healthcare company, founder and owner of, and co-founder and board member of a local non-profit, Game Set Match Chi .

I have an amazing husband (who has always been supportive and shares my love of entrepreneurial endeavors) and three wonderful children who keep me busy and always challenged in the field of nutrition!! My husband and I are travel enthusiasts and love being active as a family. I also love to cook and get the kiddos involved in the kitchen!

My Philosophy

Food should support your health, be satisfying, unite your friends and family and most importantly, be delicious! Our bodies function, perform and thrive as a result of the food we consume.

About Berries and Oats

Berries & Oats was established in 2021 as a blog posting carefully curated plant-forward recipes that are family-friendly. With the advent of new weight loss medications coming to market, Stacey noticed that it was difficult to find easily accessible evidence-based information about exercise and nutrition for people with obesity so she decided to create a website where she could share her own advice and invite experts from the obesity medicine community to contribute.

Berries & Oats has grown into one of the largest websites dedicated to providing evidence-based / research-backed information about medical weight loss.

The goal of Berries & Oats Nutrition is to provide a platform where people living with obesity and taking anti-obesity medications can find all the information they need to live healthy and active lives.

The information on Berries & Oats takes a positive approach to weight management and follows the adage: “The Greatest Wealth is Health.”

Articles and blog posts on Berries & Oats adhere to the highest standards for accuracy, objectivity, and trustworthiness.

Nutrition can seem simple, but it is a complex field of study. We as a nation, are bombarded with media . At the same time, we all have to eat and it’s hard to argue that a variety of real, whole foods should be our focus.


  • R.D.N. – Registered Dietitan Nutritionist, 4/1/99 – present
  • M.S. – Nutrition with emphasis in Sports Nutrition, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX August, 1999
  • B.S. – Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences, Western Illinois University, August 1997
  • 2022 USTA League Nationals Championship Winner, 40+ Singles Player
  • NCAA Arthur Ashe Scholarship Award Recipient
  • Captain, Western Illinois University Tennis Team

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