As a registered dietitian, quite a few patients have asked me “What is a good Wegovy diet plan?”

This is a short stroll through “what it is” and how to start a Wegovy diet plan. With a mix of the boring stuff (evidence-based data) and the good stuff (recipes 😋) I will try my best to help you learn everything you need to know about starting a semaglutide-friendly lifestyle.

Semaglutide Diet Plan

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Foods to Avoid While Taking Rybelsus

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What is a Wegovy Diet Plan?

No dietary guidelines have yet been established for patients taking semaglutide. Instead, the same healthy eating guidelines for all adults apply, like prioritizing complex carbohydrates and lean proteins. That said, those taking semaglutide could prevent its associated adverse gastrointestinal side effects by avoiding fatty foods, eating smaller meals, and staying well-hydrated.  

How to Maximize Weight Loss while Taking Wegovy?

Clinical trial evidence shows that:

  • people lose more weight with semaglutide alongside supervised weight management
    support than with the drug manufacturer’s support alone
  • in people with non-diabetic hyperglycemia, semaglutide plus lifestyle changes helps
    normalize blood glucose more frequently than lifestyle changes alone
  • semaglutide may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

While energy levels (the amount of calories) differ from one person’s needs to another following a balanced, whole-food diet and incorporating the tips below will help maximize your results with Wegovy. Sounds simple right?  So why do we all get so confused?

Tips to Create a Balanced Whole-Food Diet

Lean Protein.

Eat Lean Protein at Every Meal.

Complex Carbs.

Prioritize Complex Carbohydrates.

Fruits and Vegetables.

Consume more Fruits and Vegetables.

Healthy Snacks.

Snack on Seeds and Nuts.

Stay Well Hydrated.

Drink Non-Caffeinated Beverages throughout the Day.

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