30 Day Challenge – Lesson 5

Lesson 3: Semaglutide-Friendly Foods

Your challenge for today is to watch this short video where I reveal the food principles that will maximize your semaglutide results while maintaining lean body mass. I’ve given you some information already about the pillars of health and how eating meals comprised of 75% plants should be our goal, but now comes the fun bit, where we look at all the foods we SHOULD be eating so we can let our culinary imaginations go crazy. After watching it, please share your thoughts on the video in our Facebook group.

Your Day 9 Challenge is about preparing for those moments over the coming weeks and after the Challenge, where you’re feeling deprived from cutting back on some of your favorite sugary, high GI foods. Your challenge is to come up with a list of your “old favorites” and some low GI foods that you could eat instead. Maybe before taking semaglutide you would eat snacks at night like chips or ice cream. What type of low GI snack would work better for your long-term health goals?

Don’t forget to share with everyone what foods you are looking forward to eating on today’s post in the Challenge Facebook Group.