30 Day Challenge – Lesson 4

Lesson 2: Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Semaglutide Starter Meal Plan

Semaglutide Starter Meal Plan

Your challenge for today is to watch this short video where I explain the importance of taking good care of your gut health as a core principle while taking semaglutide. I’ll explain what inflammation is, why you should care about it and how to minimize it through eating certain foods. Then share your thoughts on the video and let us know which foods you may find most challenging to give up on today’s post on the Challenge Facebook Page.

In order to start the process of identifying how particular foods affect your unique digestive system, your challenge for today is to take the time to notice how your body reacts after each meal. Approximately 1-2 hours after each meal, write down what you ate and anything negative that may have arisen as a result. Areas to pay close attention to include:

  • your abdomen (does it feel tender or bloated?)
  • your gastrointestinal tract (did you have excess gas?)
  • your throat (did you experience any acid reflux or burping?)
  • your energy levels (did you feel tired or nauseous?)
  • your mood (has your outlook changed?)

While this is far from a rigorous scientific experiment, no one knows your body better than you do. If you can do this exercise regularly you may begin to notice suspicious looking associations which will help direct you if you decide to undertake a controlled elimination diet.

Make sure to share your learnings from the experiment on today’s post in the Challenge Facebook Group!