30 Day Challenge – Lesson 2

Your challenge for today is to watch this short video about cell repair and the important way that food can help . Studies have shown a higher incidence of food deficiency among people with excessive body weight, than in people with normal body weight of the same age and same sex. The proper nutritional status of the body affects not only the state of health but also the effectiveness of therapy. Obesity is defined as a paradoxical state of malnutrition, which despite excessive energy consumption is associated with a shortage of individual microelements. Food deficiency can also contribute to further weight gain or the development of other metabolic diseases. Micronutrient deficiency may include not only incorrect dietary choices and insufficient access to nutrient-rich foods but also changes in the absorption, distribution or excretion of nutrients, and altered micronutrient metabolism resulting from systemic inflammation caused by obesity. This video will help you understand the specific foods that lead to improving the body’s ability to repair cells.

The first step in breaking your damaging relationship with sugar and high GI carbohydrates is to understand what draws you to them in the first place. What need does it fulfill? Does it make you feel better when you are stressed or down? Do you eat when you’re bored? Or do you just have it because others do and it’s right there in front of you? Your challenge for Day 4, is to use your self-awareness to better understand the thoughts, feelings and habits behind your food choices – particularly with regards to sugar and carbs. Write it down and share your discovery with me and others here.