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When packing lunches, I love to use bento box menus to help with planning and to make sure I am providing a variety of foods at lunchtime. This is the bento box menu I use that includes 2 weeks of meals. These are my go-to meal plans for easy, delicious meals that work well on the go. There is a range of ideas here to cover a variety of preferences and appetites, so scroll down to see what appeals to you. Each of these is shown in a lunch box, but you could also use a thermos to pack warm foods.

In general, aim for 25 grams of protein and 5-10 grams of fiber per meal. This bento box menu can be adjusted for adults or children. When packing lunch for your kiddos, adjust portions using your best guess based on how much they usually eat. Pack milk or water as a drink to round out the lunch. And as always, adjust for allergies as needed with allergy-friendly swaps.

MONDAYTurkey and Avocado WrapBaby CarrotsGrapesCheddar Cubes
TUESDAYQuinoa Salad w Cukes, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, and FetaLemon-Herb VinaigretteDiced ChickenMango Slices
WEDNESDAYCurry Chicken SaladCelery and CarrotsRed GrapesWhole Grain Crackers
THURSDAYPeanut ButterCelery SticksGraham CraxHB Egg
FRIDAYLean HamSwiss Cheese cubesgherkinsmustard
Week 1
MONDAYHummusTaboulehRed Pepper slicesPita Chips
TUESDAYTurkey CubesCheddar CubesWhole Grain CrackersMango Slices
WEDNESDAYCurry Chicken SaladCelery and CarrotsRed GrapesWhole Grain Crackers
THURSDAYGreek YogurtBerries (Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries)Homemade GranolaHoney
FRIDAYTuna SaladCelery and Carrot SticksWhole grain crackersGrapes
Week 2

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