Back to Basics Part 2

We are 2-4 weeks into school… Have you gotten the swing of things and back to a good routine? If you are struggling with lunches, here are 5 more days of lunch ideas. These lunch items are easy to make or can be bought at Costco with very easy to no assembly required. For members of our School Lunch Prep Facebook group, Costco is one of their favorite places to shop. Another bonus, you can download the Costco shopping list FREE below.

Back to Basics Week 1
Back to Basics Week 2

Lunches Kids Can Make Themselves At Home

  • Peanut Butter + Jelly (or Sunbutter + Jelly) sandwich or roll-up: spread peanut butter and jelly down the middle of a tortilla, roll up, and eat
  • Hummus + Pita
  • Pasta or ravioli: boil and serve w/ jarred red sauce or pesto
  • Leftovers + a snack box

Want a printable list of some additional ideas (PLUS blank templates you or your kids can fill out with your own suggestions) to post on your fridge or cabinet? Download below.

My Bento Box Build Your Own
Bento Box Kids Template
Yumbox template
Costco Shopping List


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